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All About Dani

I am a lover of adventure, and I'm the type of gal who can find an epic adventure just about anywhere! Whether I'm exploring the city I live in or traveling the globe (which I absolutely love to do) I can create an epic adventure! 

My favorite destinations are any of the Disney theme parks and I also spent quite a lot of time at Sea World. Las Vegas is my second home and I was born and bred in Staten Island, New York so part of my heart is there. 

Beyond traveling I find adventure in the every day moments whether it's trying new recipes or visiting new restaurants, playing with eyeshadow or playing dress-up in my living room. I'm an avid scrapbooker which gives me a place to document the many adventures of Dani. 

No adventure would be complete without my wife Tamy and our little pup Chief Brody who put up with all of my photo taking and need to make everything over the top! I'm also grateful to have a group of friends always ready to set sail and try something new and exciting! 

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