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A Very Special Date Night

Have you ever felt unsure about why you do what you do every day? Have you lost some of the passion for it? Do you not feel as connected to your job/career as maybe you once did? I've definitely felt that, so much so that I applied for and accepted a new role at Disney in the hopes that I find that connection again. I started the job right around the holidays and after a decade on my last team I definitely felt a little bit fish out of water but as the weeks and months pass, I am finding my footing and a remembering why I do what I do - why when I sought out a new job it was with Disney entertainment and not just anywhere.

Shortly after I started my new job where I was thrilled to find out I would be the costumer for THE Hoop Dee Doo Revue, I made reservations to see the show. To attend as a guest for only the third time in my life, the last time Tamy and I had gone was seven years ago so we were really do for a trip anyway but to take Tamy to see this show that I now have a hand in, no matter how small, really meant a lot.

Sitting in Pioneer Hall, watching performers I have had the extreme pleasure of meeting and hopefully helping was an overwhelming experience. Laughing with Tamy, eating delicious food, drinking wine out of mason jars, helped connect us too. I was sharing what I do, where I am when I say I'm busy, who I'm with when I say I'm at a fitting - it felt like I was sharing something really special. I cried when the cast hit the stage, I cried when they took their final bows, I saw the potential I have to make a difference and I was overcome with pride over being part of this show that has been running at Walt Disney World for forty-nine years - I am a part of this magic, a part of this historic show, a part of this brilliant cast who I'm so grateful that I get to know and look forward to spending so much more time with.

As we took the bus back to the parking lot I heard a couple talking about what a great time they had, how they loved seeing their kids laugh like that and how everyone loved the food and the show and I filled with so much pride as Tamy squeezed my hand, I knew she was proud of me too. This date night where we had seriously the best time gave me so much of what I needed. A renewed passion, a new outlook on what I do and why I do it and a belly full of fried chicken and strawberry shortcake - what could possibly be better than that. I imagine we'll see this show again and it won't take us seven years to do it and yes, I may be a little biased but I highly recommend you go as well. We loved the food, we loved the show, we laughed, I cried and I will go with anyone any time you just say the word!

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