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Adventure to the Overlook Hotel

I have loved Stephen King books for a very long time, his character development is amazing, inspiring and really brings the characters in his books to life. A very long time ago Bob and I did our first book club by reading The Stand, so it was fitting that we revisit King now. We have both read The Shining before and we have both seen the movie many many times but this was so fun none the less and I added the movie viewing to our creepy Halloween themed movie nights.

"Danny isn't here Mrs. Torrance." There are a lot of differences between the book and the movie but one thing Bob and I agreed on in both, the Torrances are terrible parents and I hold a fiery dislike for Wendy. She just rubbed me wrong and for someone who claims to love her child more than anything she puts him in harms way a lot of the time. The above photo is a few years old of my God son. Bob and his family used their time during a real life blizzard to take fun Shining themed photos.

I will admit I took the easy way out of the themed dinner part of movie night. Bob suggested tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches and I loved that idea and fully intended to make homemade soup and sandwiches. Instead, life got in the way a little bit and we opted for Fresh Market soup and wraps, which thankfully are delicious just not homemade. We wanted food for that snowed in winter feel and this was perfect. I also talked Tamy into doing a little photo shoot of our own. She has gotten used to me saying things like "hey grab the big knife and come take some pictures with me!"

The movie and book are as different as our photo versus Bob's photo but just like the photos I really like them both they have a super different feel, creepy in their own right. You can't argue with Jack Nicholson's performance in the film - he was amazing! You know the book just digs deeper, as books tend to do. You find out more about the history of the Overlook, of the characters, and I find that in the book little Danny is far more likeable and endearing. I will say that in both the book and film the resort is a living breathing character and probably my favorite out of all the other players.

The book and movie end entirely differently and there are massive differences in who lives and who dies which I think make me lean in favor of the book as far as which I like better. I also think it's super important that we read the book since we are moving on to Dr. Sleep next. Since we are reading and most likely watching Dr. Sleep during holiday movie season I'm not sure that there will be a themed food night involved but I will certain recap with our notes on those as well. Have you seen and/or read The Shining? Do you prefer the movie or the book? Comment below!

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