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Adventures in Books - 2021 Wrap Up

Many of you know that at the start of the pandemic my best friend Bob had the great idea to read books together and we have certainly been on a roll. This is something we agree that we both really enjoy, it has gotten us reading again and personally it has been a great motivator to read books outside of my norm which has been really fun for me. So since this was the first full year of our virtual book club I bring you the first Adventures in Books Wrap Up!

The photo above shows everything we read in 2021 as well as a list of ideas we have for 2022. We already have our first two books picked out which I'm really excited about. Our reading includes re-reads and first time reads and we are kind of all over the place as far as genres go which is definitely part of the fun!

For books with movies I had some fun theme days while we watched the movie and made food that went with it. The Lord of the Rings movies were definitely the most fun because they do a lot of eating in these books and movies! I definitely plan to continue this as we move into the new year with our new list of books!

This year we put together our list of best and worst! Many of our answers were the same as you can see above.

Most Fun: We both really loved reading the Hunger Games together. It was my first reading of these books but Bob had read them before. I also really loved these movies which I had only seen the first one previously.

Most Disappointing: We both felt One of Us is Next was a a serious let down after how much we loved the first book One of Us is Lying. There were so many ways they could have made this book more fun and more interesting and more mysterious but they didn't. I was also disappointed in Shark River. I bought this book for me and Bob while we were vacationing in Sanibel and I have been to Doc Ford's restaurant many times so I was excited to read this. Though the story was fun the way the author wrote women was pretty appalling and I struggled with it.

Worst Character: We were in absolute agreement on this one TOM BOMBADIL! My goodness his part of Fellowship of the Rings was absolutely painful, had no bearing on the story and was annoying overall!

Best Villain: We agreed on this one too Leland Gaunt from Needful Things - a totally great villain, complex, interesting, truly evil. Loved him!

Most Changed Book to Movie: Definitely Jaws. This book is so much different from the movie. Bob felt particularly the Hooper character, who we of course love so much in the movie but I really felt all of the characters in the book were not nearly as likeable as in the movie. We both liked the book but we LOVE the movie.

Favorite Character: We both loved Haymitch from the Hunger Game series. He was such a great character, funny, complicated, consistently great in all three books.

Favorite Book: This was kinda unfair because over the Summer we each picked our favorite books to read so those remained our favorites. And Then There Were None for Bob and The Outsiders for me.

Best Book to Movie: Bob picked Fellowship of the Rings for this one as the movie took all the terrible parts out of the book and developed the characters and made an outstanding movie. I picked the Hunger Games, the casting was amazing. The first movie was in parts a direct lift from the book, it really brought everything to life for me.

The Movies Were Better: I creating this category for the Lord of the Rings trilogy. I can watch these movies every day for the rest of my life and be happy, I would not have that same excitement re-reading these books.

And that's a wrap on 2021! What did you read this year that made you excited? What are you hoping we read in 2022? Share in the comments and stay tuned for more Adventures in Books in the new year!

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