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Adventures in Cooking - Laura in the Kitchen Part 2

We are back for another installment of Adventures in Cooking, where I am currently cooking my way through Laura in the Kitchen by Laura Vitale. You can find part one of the series here. And you can purchase Laura in the Kitchen here. Now let's take a look at the next group of recipes I've made and the pages from my traveler's notebook.

The sausage and black lentils is the perfect dish for chilly winter nights, I couldn't find black lentils so I just used regular as indicated in the recipe but will keep looking and will try this again. I also think I could have measured better or used more sausage. Definitely will make again. The Fudgy Brownies were just as the recipe said they would be, amazingly fudgy and chocolatey. They were easy to make and we loved them!

Another yummy chilly weather recipe, Pasta e Fagioli. I left out the celery because I don't always like it but I think I have to give it another chance. I also didn't measure exactly and this time I don't think my dish was soupy enough. Will I make it again? Yes (but probably not until next winter)

This amazing Bowtie Pasta with Peas, Ham and Gorgonzola was a showstopper. It's super fast for a weeknight meal, so much flavor, I definitely recommend getting good quality ham and you definitely have to like gorgonzola cheese for this! You should probably like peas too, Tamy just picked hers out - didn't stop her from eating this though.

This next one is probably my favorite from this group of recipes, maybe my favorite from the book so far. It was so delicious. Mock Risotto with Pesto and Turkey Marinara absolutely delicious. When you don't have the time or patience for traditional risotto you can whip this up for an absolutely flavorful dish that has that decadent feel, and taste! It was equally delicious leftover!

Ok just that quick I lied - and to be honest that is part of the magic of these recipes, you no sooner declare one your favorite and then you make the next one and BAM another favorite! The Tortellini with Pink Parmesan Sauce was outstanding, a crowd pleaser, if four people is a crowd that is. I whipped this up for Galentine's Day and we all really enjoyed it and I paired it with the Cheesy Garlic Bread and I have got to tell you I've made a lot of garlic bread in my time but none as good as this! Needless to say I'll be making these two recipes again and again and again.

I've already made additional recipes so stay tuned for another post soon. If you are cooking along with me let me know and if you have recipe or cookbook recommendations I would love if you shared those too. You can find additional photos of these dishes and some fun Instagram reels over on my Instagram page.

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