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Adventures in Donuts: Donut Central

Another day, another donut run with my trusty companion Reyna! Today we headed to another new spot Donut Central here in Orlando. This place has been on my list for a while so when Reyna suggested we go I was all in. This place had more than donuts going for it - it also has a nice selection of coffees and lattes and an open dining room so we didn't have to find a spot to eat these donuts!

Surprising no one, I of course got the Fruity Pebbles donut! This ranked pretty high on the list of Fruity Pebble donuts. The things that are important to me is that 1. the cake part has to taste good, I don't want a dry flavorless cake. 2. The icing can't be so sweet that it overpowers the cereal and makes my teeth hurt. This donut hit both of those marks. The cake was good, light, not dry and flavorful and the icing was just enough to hold the cereal on without putting me into a diabetic coma.

My coffee today was a s'mores latte and Reyna picked a vanilla rose latte. Both were really good. I actually could pick out all of the flavors of a s'mores in my latte which is rare, usually they just taste like chocolate with some whipped cream and maybe a sprinkle of graham crackers but this tasted like s'mores and it was delightful.

Reyna picked up the Caramel Cookie Donut and the French Toast donut. She could taste the Biscoff cookie this time in the Caramel Cookie but found that donut to be a little dry and the French Toast donut was good but the filling was very inconsistent, she had eaten more than half of it before even finding the filling. She felt the filling improved the flavor greatly and that there was a hint of apple that she liked but was unadvertised in the description.

You guys know I didn't get only one donut right, but since my second donut was a show stopper I've saved it for last. This Key Lime Pie donut was HEAVEN! Now there is a place on Sanibel Island where Tamy and I have been getting Key Lime Pie donuts for a few years and this one might have dethroned that one! The filling was outstanding. I do agree with Reyna though the filling could be more consistent, I had three or four bites before I got to any but once I did the payoff was incredible. The thing that pushed this donut over the top was the glaze and crushed crust topping. It was the perfect crunch, and kept the sweetness from being overpowering. I will be taking Tamy here to see what she thinks and then maybe a trip to Sanibel for a battle of the key lime donut!

When ordering donuts do you stick to traditional flavors or are you adventurous? Drop your most adventurous donut in the comments below!

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Gabrielle Cohen
Gabrielle Cohen

I like a Boston Cream or anything with coconut, as a rule. Any of those create your own toppings places are pretty great.

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