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Adventures in Donuts - Krispy Kreme

We are doing things a little different for this donut adventure! Typically we visit local donut spots or really over the top unique donut spots but for this outing we opted for a famous donut staple - Krispy Kreme! The reason for this change - the all new and limited edition Oreo Cookie Glaze! We also had a special guest for this adventure, when I mentioned Reyna's suggestion Tamy was all in! Krispy Kreme is Tamy's absolute favorite so we headed out on Sunday morning and ate delicious donuts for breakfast!

I tried the Oreo Cookie Glazed donut and Reyna tried the Oreo Cookie Over-the-Top Donut. These were DELICIOUS! Both had cookies and Kreme filling which was out of this world and Reyna's had the big Oreo wafer on top! We both polished these off fast! In addition to the Oreo donuts Reyna had a blueberry cake and I got an original filled with Kreme. We devoured these too! I will say after all that Kreme filling I did feel all hyped up on sugar but it was worth it.

Tamy didn't go for the new fancy flavors she stuck to the traditional Original Glazed and the Chocolate Glazed Kreme filled. The three of us also had a lengthy discussion about how Krispy Kreme donuts are consistently good, unlike other big chains where you kinda take a gamble and hope you get what you want. We attributed some of this to the fact that they make the donuts onsite and quite possibly they just have a better fool proof recipe! Either way we found all of our donuts delicious and walked away from the table with nothing but empty boxes!

Is your favorite donut from a famous chain or a local shop? Can't wait to hear your thoughts and stay tuned for more adventures in donuts!

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