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Adventures in Donuts - The King of Them All?

Another day, another donut adventure and this time me and my partner in donut eating crime visited Donut King! This is a super popular central Florida spot but I've never been so it seemed like a good time to try them out!

Naturally your girl got a Fruity Pebbles donut which was super yummy, not too sweet and not overloaded with cereal, the best part is that the actual cake part of the donut was really delicious! In addition to my signature Fruity Pebbles I also picked up the blueberry crumb donut. Oh my gosh this one was so good! The filling was absolutely delicious, like so good, and there was a lot of it! Almost every bite was full! I of course ate both of these donuts even though I went in saying I was only going to eat one. Well they were just too tasty for that!

Reyna also picked up two yummy looking donuts. She was a bit disappointed in the Butterfinger donut because it just tasted like chocolate and not like Butterfingers which is the whole point isn't it? The Coconut Crunch was said to be a favorite by the gal behind the counter and Reyna really enjoyed it.

The price was right for these yummy donuts, costing me just over $2.00 and worth every penny. The current standing has Donut King in the top three of best donuts we have tried. We are still going to try other donuts in the area but I think we are about ready for a new adventure as well so stay tuned as this Summer we embark on a new foodie adventure around Central Florida! What do you hope to see us taste test?

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Gabrielle Cohen
Gabrielle Cohen
Apr 30, 2021

I’m not the biggest lover of donuts, but I do enjoy a Donut King treat every now and again. Their coffee drinks are also pretty ding dang delicious, too!

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