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Adventures in Donuts - Voodoo Doughnut

Surprise! We are back for a return to donut adventures! I have been wanting to try Voodoo Doughnuts for ages but I was often deterred by paying for parking just for a donut or the really long line. Well as annual passholders we get to park for free and getting to CityWalk super early we were able to get into the relatively short line and get our pink box of doughnuts!

Voodoo Doughnuts certainly has a variety of donuts and this menu only represented 90% of the day's offering. There were some specialty Halloween options to choose from as well. Now there was no Fruity Pebbles option so I went a little rogue on this one.

I think overall Tamy, Erinn and I made some safe choices. I got the Bride donut which is one of the specials for Halloween. It's a marble cake donut covered with vanilla and chocolate frosting. The plus is that the chocolate frosting was really delicious, often all the frosting just tastes the same and overly sweet but the chocolate was really a dark yummy chocolate. The minus, the cake was really dry - really, really dry. Tamy and Erinn picked up the Butterfinger donut. It was a chocolate donut topped with icing and crushed up Butterfingers. Both agreed that again the cake was dry and overall just unmemorable. It was just a donut with Butterfingers on top. Now to be clear... we all three finished our donuts and I definitely wouldn't rule out another visit, next time I will go with a filled donut and one of their more unique flavors.

Another upside to this trip to Voodoo Doughnuts I was able to eat a donut that matched my outfit! I'm going to tell you our little donut photoshoot was more fun then eating the donuts! We are gearing up for a move so stay tuned because there are new coffee shop options and new donut options in store for all of us and as always I happily accept suggestions!

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