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An Unexpected Adventure

I recently shared by Summer bucket list and you know what wasn't on it? Getting a new car - but did that happen this weekend? It certainly did. I have been driving the same car for over ten years and she was starting to go a little funny. Tamy takes my safety very seriously and now that I am driving more than ever she wanted to get me into a new car.

I am going to tell you she hoodwinked me into going to the dealership but for so many reasons I am glad that she did! Lucy - my red Kia Soul was a great little car; she took me many places and on many adventures. I was starting to feel a little unsafe in her though and beyond that she was a tie to a time in my life that I really don't want to be tied to anymore. That red Soul was purchased with the dreaded ex-husband, in his natural, arrogant fashion made snarky comments about this car during the divorce proceedings - claiming I loved the car more than I loved my parents. Don't worry I let him know that I most certainly didn't but that I did love the car more than I loved him. It has been a lot of years since this little red car drove me away to freedom but so many memories were still tied up there and it was far less bittersweet than I expected to say goodbye to Lucy. I'm grateful to that little car but I can't say I will miss her.

So with that behind me I would like to introduce you to Shuri (if you know you know) my metallic black Toyota Rav 4 - a larger car than I have ever driven, a car with so many bells and whistles, a car my wife made sure I could drive home in with an affordable payment.

I feel like our adventures have only just begun. If you know me, you know I typically hate driving - yet I've driven from the moment I got her. I shocked the hell out of Tamy (and myself if I'm honest) when I said I was driving her home off the lot. I also drove her all the way to and from Universal today, even forgoing a cocktail so that I could ensure I would be in top condition to drive Shuri home. Tamy hasn't even been in the driver seat! This is a huge deal for me. Something I imagine has to do with where I am in this life, the confidence I now have, the faith and support from my wife I have and just my new found sense of making it happen and making it an adventure. Oh the places we will go Shuri! I look forward to sharing more of these adventures with you and I will tell you it is never to late to change the past and drive full speed ahead into the future!

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