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Another Jurassic Birthday!

Last year I threw together a fast and fun quarantine birthday for Tamy with a Jurassic Park theme and this year I did the same with a few little tweaks and a weekend of fun!

I cut a bunch of cute dinosaurs with my Cricut to decorate our seasonal tree. I love the way these turned out. I also hung all of the decorations I purchased last year so we could have a fun photo wall - I guess that's becoming my thing now.

The festivities officially kicked off with a pizza night and we played with one of Tamy's gifts Jurassic Park Monopoly - what a fun twist on this classic board game! Also with the assist of Rose the Cricut machine I made dinosaur themed cupcake toppers and I whipped up some carrot cake cupcakes and cream cheese frosting.

I tend to go over the top with birthdays and celebrations but that is part of why I wanted this one to be so special for Tamy. No matter how over the top I get Tamy supports it and just goes along for the ride.

Obviously we topped off the evening with a dino themed photoshoot! Erinn doesn't even flinch anymore when I invite her over and there is a theme involved. We had a blast and a lot of laughs.

We capped off the weekend by becoming Universal annual passholders and taking fun Jurassic Park themed photos at the park. Over the course of the weekend we've also watched four of the Jurassic Park movies, which is your favorite? Tomorrow is Tamy's actual birthday and we will continue celebrating but I think overall her Jurassic birthday weekend was a huge success! Remember you are never to old to have a themed birthday weekend! What would your dream birthday theme be?

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