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Beach Adventures - Fort Myers Beach

Have you ever just needed a getaway, a chance to reset, relax and just be at peace? We definitely needed it so we talked to our friend Erinn and booked an adorable house on Ft Myers Beach. We booked using Vrbo which I definitely recommend, we were able to bring Brody and the house turned out better than I imagined!

The house was absolutely adorable and had everything we could possibly need. Tamy and I took the master bedroom which was so spacious and had a TV, which probably doesn't sound like I was being peaceful but I need the TV to sleep. The entrance to the beach was literally across the street and the house had towels, beach toys and even supplies for the dog! We were able to grab groceries at Publix which was like a five minute drive away and we were ready for a weekend of rest, relaxation, cocktails, games and good times!

A little known fact I lived in Fort Myers for a year and though it was a dark time in Danielle history there were places I grew to love about the area, mostly due to the visits that Tamy and I have made to the area since. We visited each of my favorite spots and even found a new magical place thanks to Erinn!

We had dinner and cocktails at Nervous Nellies, we sat outside watching the boats come in and then walked through Time Square stopping in the novelty stores and then a walk on the beach near the pier - which unfortunately was closed.

We took a ride to Sanibel Island where we had the best Key Lime donuts on the planet from Jerry's Market. We never miss a chance to get these donuts. They also have spectacular Apple Fritters, which though not photographed were enjoyed thoroughly! We went shelling over at Lighthouse Beach. Mostly Erinn and Tamy went shelling even perfecting the famous Sanibel Stoop. I took lots of photos and walked and just soaked in my environment, grateful to be there and for the people I was with.

Erinn found the cutest bookstore on the planet. Gene's Books. There were actually two locations with multiple cottages at both and we took our time combing the shelves for books we had to have. Erinn and I both left armed with stacks of books that we can't wait to read and it was such a cool and relaxing environment. All the times I had been to Sanibel I was really missing out on this place!

All of that shelling and book buying we worked up an appetite and headed to Doc Ford's back on Fort Myers. More cocktails were enjoyed and my absolutely favorite Beach Bread! This is basically just delicious bread covered in cheese and then topped with fresh tomatoes to give the appearance of being healthy! I had the best grouper sandwich I've had in a long time and we watched boats dock, we watched the rain come in and we enjoyed hanging out and chatting and taking photos.

We enjoyed evening strolls on the beach to take in the sunset, which was just so beautiful and so relaxing. We played games and watched Harry Potter marathons and ate snacks and ice cream. We enjoyed moments together, we enjoyed sand in our toes. We brought home lots of books and shells but the moments and the memories we created will last forever.

It was a magical beach trip in a house that was made for Instagram with people who I can be 100% myself around. It was relaxing and there was lots of room for spontaneity and so much fun. It was sad to come home but I feel this might end up being a more frequent trip and I'm so glad about that. Do you have annual trips you take? What do you do to reset and recharge your batteries?

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