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Becoming Universal Orlando Passholders

You might think we are crazy but we bit the bullet and became Universal Orlando Annual Passholders. It's true we have Sea World passes (and we love them) and it's true that we are Disney Cast Members and we have perks to get in there, though to be honest with the pandemic that has proven to be quite the challenge, so we just thought - why not? We also have some very special people visiting in a couple of months and we plan to crash their entire vacation so we needed the easier access to the parks!

We have used our passes twice so far and I have to say we are both really happy that we chose to get these. These parks are beautiful, we hesitated getting them because there are a lot of attractions Tamy can't ride or that I'm too chicken to ride so we weren't sure it would be worth it, man were we wrong just the photo ops alone make these parks worth it!

The details in these parks are really incredible, we have had a blast so far exploring and having spent so much time at Disney over the years it is kinda nice to dive into a place that is new and find it's charm and hidden gems. Believe me there are a lot of hidden gems to be found.

Another HUGE selling point for Universal and Islands of Adventure... HARRY POTTER! Holy cow, walking into the Wizarding World really is, well, magical. It's truly like being transported into the pages of the books, into scenes from the movies, into a world where magic really does exist.

I know for sure that butterbeer ice cream is magical. I may have had this for breakfast the morning that I'm writing this post and it was delicious! Also, pro-tip when you head to Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlour at 9:30 in the morning chances are you won't find much of a line.

We were so excited to see our first Tribute Store since getting our pass. I have watched with envy on social medial as people have gone to the Horror Nights Tribute Store and the Mardi Gras store. We were overjoyed when we found out that it was a Jurassic World Tribute Store opening next. Wow it was incredible. We had a blast and we'll be going again so we can try all the treats and buying some stuff of course!

Maybe we are a little crazy for picking up an annual pass for these parks, or maybe we are geniuses? It is so nice to head a few miles up the road, walk around, have new experiences, share new adventures, see new and different characters and hang out with friends.

Follow for more Universal adventures and be sure to let me know what you hope to see from these parks.

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