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Best Friend Family Vacation - Part 3 - The Food

My favorite part of vacation is almost always the food! Yes absolutely I love the time spent with family but when planning any vacation I love looking at menus, planning the things I want to eat along the way. That was definitely true for this Best Friend Family Vacation. Tamy and I are recent Universal Passholders so there are a lot of food options we haven't explored yet so we were really excited to have multiple days and get some eating in!

I absolutely recommend when going on these theme park vacations to get the specialty food and drinks that are highly themed and often delicious too. (not always, but often) We focused on the the theme food this go round. We drank Duff beer in Springfield and the kids had Squishees. The beer was good, the reviews on the Squishees were mixed.

Obviously when living the Simpsons' life I had to go for the Krusty burger. This was pretty good, better then your average theme park burger but the real star - those curly fries! So good. Tamy got the Chicken and Waffle sandwich from Cletus' Chicken Shack, Piper also got this sandwich. Piper loved it and Tamy just liked it. Tamy wanted more maple syrup in the maple mayonnaise. Overall a fun experience.

This was a pretty Harry Potter heavy vacation so of course we had to dine at Three Broomsticks! This was so good. Possibly some of the best theme park food I've ever had. The chairs were small so we all felt like Hobbits sitting at this table but it was fun. There were a lot of Fish and Chips ordered, the above is the best photo I got of the fish and chips but I was assured they were really delicious!

Tamy got the rib platter, instead of corn she got double potatoes which was a solid choice because those potatoes were spectacular. I got the Beef Pasties which came with a salad. The pasties were super yummy, I just wish there were more or they were bigger because they were just that good. I would definitely eat at Three Broomsticks again.

One afternoon Tamy and I snuck away for a little lunch at Toothsome Chocolate Emporium. We had no reservation since we made a last minute decision to eat there so we had to eat at the bar which was not bad at all, we were upstairs, the view was nice and it made for some good people watching. I tried a theme cocktail The Old Chocolate Fashion - holy cow it was so good. Chocolatey and smooth but not sweet. Really good.

I got the Southern Fried BLT. It was really yummy the fries and the mustard aioli were the winners of this dish and dipping the fries in the aioli was the way to go.

I will tell you the absolute star of this meal was the Heavenly Hazelnut Milkshake. This was a SHOW STOPPER! Like wow. I would definitely eat at Toothsome again but likely before I do that I would stop downstairs at the ice cream shop for this shake.

Overall the food we had was good but it was the memories made while eating these meals and planning the themes and trying something we can't get or don't get all the time that was so fun. Tamy and I will definitely be exploring more Universal Orlando eateries - if you have a suggestion on where we should go next I would love to hear it.

Thank you for tagging along on our Best Friend Family Vacation - hopefully we get to have another one of these sooner rather than later!

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