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Celebrating Summer

If you are reading this the day it goes live you are probably gearing up for the long 4th of July weekend, while I'm in Paris on a business trip. (you can expect a full report on that when I return) But don't think just because I'm away doesn't mean I don't have ideas for celebrating Summer and making it as epic as possible, because of course I do.

One way to celebrate Summer - fun festive crafts! Luckily we live in a fantastic community that had a paint night where we created this super fun light up 4th of July gnomes! Visit Paint It All Joy for more info on planning a paint party of your own or purchase a DIY craft! These cuties are the perfect touches of Summer in our apartment! Other crafting ideas I'm working on that will soon make an appearance on the blog include fun summer themed shirts and travel notebooks to document all the fun we're having!

I am also celebrating Summer by spending as much time by the pool as possible and eating as much food off the grill as possible. We've been spending Sundays in the pool and throwing turkey hot dogs and turkey burgers on the grill for quick seasonally appropriate and delicious dinners! Reminder to stay safe out there, make sure you know how to use the grill, that you light it and put it out properly, or turn everything off if its a gas grill and please, please, please wear sunscreen!

I may be traveling on this July 4th weekend but that hasn't stopped me from playing with some fun red, white and blue eye looks and sporting my super cute Candace Cameron Bure Ditsy Print Tee. In this photo I'm wearing the blue with white stars but I also own the white with butterflies and there are other options too! You can be sure that other looks will require lots of sundresses and bright makeup looks and don't forget about our beloved Jaws party which will be happening later this Summer! How are you celebrating this Summer? Share your plans and ideas and you never know when I might give them a try!

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