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Christmas Adventures - Christmas Eve, Eve

Merry Christmas Eve, Eve! (Yes it's a thing) Things are hustling and bustling over here as you can tell from our dining room table it's full of random stuff that needs to be done, or cleaned or put away but what I did today was run out to the grocery store, which was a little petrifying and then started cooking for the next couple of days! You've probably noticed by now that food is a big deal for me and that's more true at Christmas than any other time of the year, so the table stayed messy and I cooked!

I always hold onto family traditions but this year more than ever it felt important to do things just like mom and though we aren't all under the same roof we have been keeping in pretty much constant contact and I video chatted with her several times today asking her questions about a recipe!

My plan is to get as much done today and early tomorrow as possible so that the focus can turn to eating obviously but also relaxing and being together. So in preparation today I made a cake and filling, stuffed mushrooms and a spinach dip. How early do you prepare for your Christmas meal? Do you eat the same thing every year or change it up? We have in the past changed things up, some years we have people over and some years we travel and some years it's just us but always Christmas Eve, Eve is full of prep work and last errands but I find the pay off so worth it! This year is tough but there are some traditions that I will not let go of and holiday food is definitely that. What is your tradition that you won't let go of?

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Gabrielle Cohen
Gabrielle Cohen
Dec 24, 2020

Lasagna and Die Hard on Christmas Eve is a tradition I will never let go of.

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