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Christmas Adventures - Let's Bake

How important is holiday baking to you? To me it is hugely important! I can't imagine Christmas without cookies all over ready for nibbling, ready for Santa, ready to dip in eggnog and coffee. Every year I try new and different cookies but I also have a few tried and true that I won't skip! I make my mom's Anise Pillows every year. I have the recipe still on a piece of notebook paper handwritten by mom. I don't have permission to share the recipe at this time so sorry about that but maybe someday! I always kick off Christmas baking with these cookies and I always, always listen to the Supremes Christmas album while I do. Something about taking that first bite of this cookie, while Diana Ross is singing just transports me back to a different time. Do you have foods that take you back to childhood?

This year it might just be the two of us here at home but I am packing up plenty of cookies for friends and loved to be safely delivered. Another traditional cookie is pictured above (under the anise pillow) vanilla wafer cookies. I have a print out of this recipe from 2003 and I found this recipe on Taste of Home which is the same. These are like a kicked up sugar cookie with a lot more vanilla and they are soft and chewy and yummy! Also, super easy to make! A long time ago a friend of mine once traded her hair styling services for a double batch of these cookies!

I'm going to be real, real honest - the recipe for these double dark chocolate cookies came off the back of the Hershey's chocolate chip bag! You can find the recipe here, I did not add nuts and I added the whole bag of chips because I feel that is what the bag called for. Next time I'll take a photo of the bag for you! These are pretty darn good, so rich and chocolaty and who doesn't like that? I think these would also be good with a little peppermint twist but Tamy doesn't enjoy peppermint so I didn't try it this time around.

I am obsessed with all things Food Network, that means the magazine and the Food Network Kitchen App. These cookies came from the holiday issue of the magazine and I knew the minute I saw this recipe that I wanted to give this recipe a go! I never made a Crackle cookie before but these were so easy and I'm going to tell you what - they are SO delicious!!! I'm obsessed. I might try another crackle cookie from the magazine before the season is over! You can find the recipe here - you won't be sorry!

Ok you guys THESE! These cookies are another new addition to the Christmas cookie rotation and oh my goodness they will be a traditional cookie for years to come and Tamy already asked yesterday if it just has to be just on the Christmas cookie rotation so I don't know these might be a regular treat in our house. I got the recipe from What's Gaby Cooking and you can find it here. I also definitely recommend following her because she is AMAZING!

I will for sure add any additional cookies I made this season but right now these cookies are taking over our dining room table! What are you baking up this season?

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