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Christmas Adventures - Merry Christmas!

We made it! Merry Christmas to all of you reading this little blog! I hope your day was as cozy and as magical as ours. Having done most of the cooking yesterday, today was all about relaxing, watching movies and playing with our new toys! We opened gifts, we drank coffee, we ate cookies and pasta and will soon be digging into cake! We video chatted with loved ones and listened to music and went for walks. Basically it was the perfect little Christmas day and I think that was partially due to the fact that we didn't put too much pressure on it. Yes I worked hard all season long to make things special and create those perfect Hallmark moments but for today it was ok to relax and enjoy being together. Twinkle lights, chilly weather, good food, and togetherness - perfect right?

I kept annual Christmas traditions alive by drinking eggnog and eating cookies, not exactly a hardship though to keep that one alive. We also ate cinnamon rolls which is a tradition we created for our own little family. We sat and we talked and even though we kept talking about our presents we didn't dive right in because we wanted to hold onto the anticipation. Are you able to wait or do you dive right in?

I let it be ok to change plans, instead of the baked ziti I was going to make I just made us dishes of pasta in my amazing sauce with meatballs and sausage. There is no shame in changing the plans, no Christmas police who will tell you that you're doing it wrong, we made a choice based on what was best for us and we were so happy we did. Some traditions are still fun even when they are a bit deconstructed.

I played with my new toys! I got a shiny pink Cricut machine from my parents so I got that fired up, I flipped through new books I got from my sister and soon we'll bust out some of the games we got and play and have fun! With this new Cricut in the mix you can be sure there will be lots and lots of new posts about new projects and you guys if you have any ideas, tips, tricks please share them!

This year was different, there was no house full of people, there was no traveling but we are grateful for what we do have, and we were able to communicate with the people we love the most. I hope you had a safe, happy and healthy Christmas and I can't wait for more adventures with you as we wrap up this year and head into the new one! As always I love to hear from you so if there is anything you want to see here please let me know.

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