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Christmas Adventures - Remembering Our Wedding

Three years ago we embarked on the greatest adventure of them all - we got married! So you might be asking, what does this have to do with Christmas? My answer... EVERYTHING! Getting married at Christmas time meant everything to me and Tamy let me run with it as she so often does. I told our wedding planner (now friend) that I wanted a Hallmark Christmas movie meets Rat Pack wedding and Becky was on board! I told our photographer I wanted Christmas decorations in photos and twinkle lights and he delivered! I never worried that our anniversary would be overshadowed by Christmas because that is ridiculous they are both amazing and will be celebrated accordingly!!

Our wedding day was perfect! It was exactly what we hoped for and I look back on the photos full of trees and ornaments and twinkle lights and I smile! Christmas music played in the wedding salon as our guests waited for the ceremony and we gave holiday ornaments as our wedding favor, it was all the things we loved rolled into one perfect day!

Our cake was an amazing wintry, holiday, elegant masterpiece, we were with the people we love so much, we were together eating good food and drinking amazing cocktails and we were filled with holiday cheer and wedded bliss and we carry that every year on our anniversary!

Since we both love Christmas it is easy for us to celebrate our anniversary during this time of year, in fact we have a nice dinner planned on Saturday that is based on the holiday activities happening around the restaurant. We embrace the magic of the season and are so grateful to have had our special day a part of it! We will also make our day special by watching our wedding DVD, looking through photos and toasting with a Sinatra Smash (our favorite Vegas cocktail)

Christmas is a magical time where you remember just how lucky you are, where you think of all the things you are grateful for and not that I need the holidays to remind me, I love that our anniversary is around Christmas because I am lucky and I am thankful to have Tamy by my side, to have had the magical holiday wedding, to be living our best Hallmark Christmas movie life. I love celebrating by the glow of the tree and with holiday tunes playing because every year when I hear Andy Williams sing It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year I squeal "this is one of our wedding songs!" how lucky am I?

This year has been trying, things have not gone how any of us have planned and everyone is struggling and impacted in one way or other but today I am immersing myself in the magic of the season and remembering that perfect Christmas wedding and knowing how lucky I am to have someone love me so much and for us to love this life we have built. Today I'm going to ask for an anniversary present from all of you... Find the magic in the season and share what you are thankful for today? I know you may have to dig deep but I bet there is something that you feel grateful for today - I can't wait to hear!

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