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Christmas Adventures - Shop Small

We are two weeks away from Christmas day! Can you believe that? I feel that even though I have had my tree up for over a month and started celebrating super early, Christmas is still sneaking up on me! Starting today I will be blogging every day with lots and lots of Christmas content so that we can all celebrate together and maybe help each other prepare and enjoy this magical season!

We are starting this holiday blog event with small shops I have purchased from over the last several months, usually gifts for myself, but during this Christmas frenzy we could all use some additional gift ideas. First up is a super talented fellow Disney Cast Member, who is also currently furloughed - Love, Pixie Dust Paige! I am lucky to call this gal my friend but that doesn't change the fact that her products are super cute and that I am OBSESSED with my Believe beaded Christmas bracelet. I also have a Boo to You Halloween bracelet. She ships fast, her prices are reasonable, she will custom make stuff for you and she has super cute mask chains and masks as well.

While we are talking about my fabulously talented friends in California head over to for bags, plush vintage Mickey dolls and hands down the most comfortable masks you will ever wear! I managed to grab the villain mask I'm wearing above during Halloween but trust me they are all comfy!

Our next small shop is Dapper Digs Trading Co. in early Fall they released a Disney/Broadway mashup series and I had to have one (actually I have two) The one above is the Snow White Hag and West Side Story mashup but I also have the Villains/Chicago tee as well. Obsessed! They have great customer service, they are quick to like, reply and share on social medial and the quality of these shirts are really fantastic.

One of the latest additions to my cool shirts from small shops collection is the Frost Yourself tee from This shirt crossed over two things I adore, the movie How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days and Frozen, in particular Elsa who I've shared quite a history with! This shirt is so soft and the color is so fun I can not wait to order more cute things from them.

I'm not sure if you guys know how much I love Orange Bird but trust me when I say it's a lot! I purchased this shirt from Hazel and Bean who I follow on Instagram and absolutely love. This shirt is just so cheery and such good quality and I'm so glad I nabbed one. This particular shirt isn't available at this time but what they do have are super cute ornaments, stickers and pins. I highly recommend following them on Instagram so you could also be in the know when new merchandise hits their shop, plus they have some of the most adorable content you have ever seen.

The next two shops there are no photos for. One is a gift for someone I know reads and supports this little blog of mine and the other, well, I just ordered it this morning so it hasn't come yet. The first, is Two Goldens Crafting Co, this is another of my talented friends and her mom - when you work in costuming you end up meeting just a ton of talented people! This Etsy shop is full of tote bags, dog walking bags, crossbody bags, pet collar covers and more! Once I give the item to the recipient I will be sure to post photos.

Last, but certainly not least is Candidly Kind, this business is owned by Grace who was born with Down Syndrome but that has not stopped her from being an amazing boss babe! She designs everything that goes onto her shirts, dresses, bags, hoodies, etc and her uplifting catch phrases just make you feel good. Another super upside to Candidly Kind - they donate portions of every purchase to amazing charities. I also recommend finding Grace and her mom on Instagram because they are amazing to watch. Grace also loves makeup and champagne so she has a super special place in my heart, I can not wait to get my purchase - take a look at their shop and comment below what you think I ordered!

Please note that whether I know these shop owners personally or not I purchased all of these items as a regular customer and I share them because I love them and would buy from them again (and again) Be sure to check with each shop on ship dates and times if you want to get things by Christmas. I'll be back tomorrow with even more Christmas cheer!

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