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Christmas Adventures - Theme Days!

Never underestimate the power of a good theme night - or day as the case may be around here. During Halloween we started doing some fun theme movie nights and of course I had to bring the movie watching to the Christmas season! We had a full day of fun Grinch themed movie watching over the weekend and had an absolute blast!

For brunch Tamy whipped up some Who Hash - which was really sausage and potato hash topped with the most perfect sunny side up eggs and we watched the Ron Howard How the Grinch Stole Christmas movie. We really loved it, hard to imagine that movie is 20 years old and we had a friend join us to eat and movie watch the mean one himself!

For dinner we had snack foods, guacamole of course because it's green obviously! And we had roasted garlic humus and watched the cartoon version of the Grinch! I love both versions of the Grinch and watch them yearly and it was so fun to theme our food to our viewing, and we also both wore green but we were terrible at taking photos - we'll have to make up for it during our next themed movie watching night. Do you have any ideas as to what we should watch next? And just as important what we should eat while we watch?

I wrote about this a little bit in the Hallmark movie post but holiday movies and specials are something we can still definitely do during this Christmas season. We can still gather our household together and wear our holiday pjs and eat snacks and watch our favorite movies. I like to reminisce and sing along (where applicable) and recite favorite lines, I like to talk to my mom about which movies we like better and why and I like to talk to my best friend about what is on his family's watch list and what we should add to ours. Movies are a great way to bring us together even if we can't actually be together. What's on your holiday viewing list? Please share in the comments below or come find me on Instagram!

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