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Christmas Adventures - Twinkle Lights

Maybe it's 2020 and people need the extra cheer, or maybe it's 2020 and I have more time to notice but this year we have noticed significantly more lights and decorations on houses all over Orlando and regardless the reason, that makes my little Christmas loving heart happy! Every year we look at all the lights in the neighborhood and most years we walk around our friend Connie's neighborhood with her and her kids and thankfully this was one tradition we were able to uphold this season. It was something I definitely needed and no matter how old I am I just never tire of standing in the glow of twinkle lights and taking it all in.

What is it about lights that are so magical? I'm not really sure but I know I never tire of them. Even around our apartment I never grow tired of the lights and the tree glowing in the living room. For me the saddest day is December 26th when everyone rushes to take all their decorations down, maybe I'm just nuts or maybe I just really like to hold onto the magic of the season for as long as I possibly can.

Tamy knows me so well that when planning our anniversary outing she made sure to include a drive through a nearby neighborhood that was loaded with lights! We were blown away by all the holiday magic and it was even more spectacular to end our anniversary celebration with music and lights. We plan to head out and drive around other areas between now and Christmas, we may even take the dog and cups of hot cocoa and just soak it all in, it will be over before we know it and I want to get as much of this holiday spirit in as I possibly can. Not that our decorations will come down any time soon, they will stay up until at least January 6!

This year has been difficult for everyone but looking at lights is something that we can safely do to enjoy the season, I'm super grateful for all the extra people putting up lights this year. How do you feel about lights and decorations? Do you check out the displays in your neighborhood?

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Rob O'Brien
Rob O'Brien
Dec 20, 2020

My neighborhood is a little sparse in holiday decor except when it comes to Christmas. While we are not over the top, several houses put out the standard two or three strings of lights. One heighbor, however, always put out a little something that just delights me every year. They are light up Christmas angel pigs. Three of them. I had no idea that was a "thing," but it delights me every year and makes me giggle a little.

This year I've made special effort to try to take in some other neighborhood's lights. I'm glad that folks took the time and I can tell many people pumped up the festive - and I appreciate that!

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