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Christmas Adventures - White Christmas

"You shouldn't mix fairy tales with liverwurst and buttermilk" or is that exactly what you should do? Christmas, the time of traditions and magic and to feel like a kid again. Growing up we watched White Christmas every single year and I honor that tradition, singing along, quoting our favorite lines, feeling the spirit of the season. This year we kicked it up a notch with a little theme dinner.

Theme nights don't have to be fancy or overly thought out, for White Christmas I took lines right from the movie, Bing Crosby and Rosemary Clooney eat sandwiches by the fire and drink buttermilk and Bing explains how what you eat determines what you dream about and famously proclaims that when you eat liverwurst you dream about liverwurst. Little known fact about me, I love liverwurst, I have since I was a kid and when I eat it as an adult that is exactly how I feel, like a kid again. So what better pairing for a White Christmas viewing than a liverwurst sandwich.

This year more than ever I find myself clinging to old traditions and the magic I experienced during Christmas as a kid, so if that meant for me counting my blessings while eating liverwurst than that is exactly what I was going to do. So we ate sandwiches and potato salad, (we skipped the buttermilk) Tamy listened as I sang and quoted and then we had a super serious discussion about how White Christmas was the original Hallmark Holiday movie! It was a delightful evening where we took a long standing family tradition and made it ours!

Christmas is only four days away now! Can't you believe how fast it is all going? Do you have a long list of to dos that you still have to get to or are you already kicking back and watching your favorite holiday movies?

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That was also your grandmothers favorite Liverwurst!!!


Gabrielle Cohen
Gabrielle Cohen
Dec 22, 2020

I’m a lover of liverwurst, too! ::fist bump:: That said, I have a ton left to do and haven’t had a time to really kick back and enjoy the holidays yet. 🥲


Rob O'Brien
Rob O'Brien
Dec 21, 2020

Find comfort where you can.

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