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Christmas Adventures - Wrapping Presents

How do you feel about wrapping presents? Do you love it? Hate it? Are you strictly a gift bag person? Do you pay extra to have someone else do it? I have a definite love/hate relationship with wrapping presents, and for a paper crafter, I'm going to be real honest, I'm just not that good at it. This year I did buy this really nice heavy duty, good quality paper and it was pretty magical because I had an easier time and my gifts don't look like I wrapped them with my feet!

I like shopping for presents, I love giving presents, but I can take or leave the wrapping and it's really only at Christmas that I wrap, usually I get a pretty bag, lots of tissue paper and focus on the card. I guess it's the magic of Christmas, the idea of having gift wrapped packages nestled under the tree. I love the idea of it just not the actual doing it. I see all of these people on Instagram and Pinterest doing all these fancy gift wrap with pockets and folds and I just think "umm not for me." I also love choosing gift wrap. I want it to fit with the theme of the tree and add to the coziness of our home. I also try to pick gift wrap based on the recipient. Tamy is really into the rustic red truck so we have multiple wrapping paper featuring it.

Tamy of course is a good wrapper, she has more patience than I do so she wraps all her gifts with care and it doesn't matter the quality of the paper for her. I never hear her cursing at the paper under her breath while she wraps and look at her beautiful corners above.

I want to know so much about your gift wrapping practices today, are your presents all wrapped under the tree or do you wait until Christmas Eve? How do you choose your gift wrap? Do you love wrapping or do you struggle with it like I do?

Growing up mom and dad wrapped their presents but Santa didn't, he put stickers with mine and my sister's name on them to let us know who got which gift. Does Santa wrap his gifts for your household? Can't wait to hear all about your wrapping paper today and if you have photos please share them on social media and be sure to tag me or hashtag #Christmasadventures so that I'll be sure to see them!

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