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Christmas Crafts - Adult Advent Calendar

You're not going to believe this, because I sure don't, but I'm actually Christmas crafting!! I have been pretty insistent that Tamy have an advent calendar this year and she has been pretty insistent that she didn't want me spending money on one because she didn't want a bunch of candy or trinkets she didn't need. Of course it made perfect sense but not one to give up easy I decided to make one! That's right, I made this advent calendar in an afternoon using all items I already had in my stash.

Here is what I used for this easy peasy project: 1. Acrylic Paint 2. a canvas base 3. Twenty-five toilet paper or paper towel rolls cut roughly the same size. I say roughly because I didn't measure but you are certainly welcome to. 3. A good adhesive, you can use good old fashioned Elmer's Glue but I used Glossy Accent which you can find here. Glossy Accent is my go to and worked really well for this project. 4. Mini cupcake liners 5. an assortment of number stickers 6. Fillers.

I happened to have a couple of shades of metallic green paint on hand and I've been saving toilet paper and paper towel rolls for a couple of months now for just such a project so I had those lying around too. I halved the toilet paper rolls and I cut the paper towel roll into three pieces. I painted everything and allowed to dry. I then lined up my painted rolls and created my tree shape. Don't forget to let the glue dry!

As a scrapbooker I have a ton of stickers and embellishments hanging around so while the glue was drying I added numbers and embellishments to the bottom of the cupcake liners. Once done they nestle perfectly into the rolls of your tree! Now the fun part - filling the calendar with goodies for your recipient! Since Tamy was adamant that she didn't want candy every single day I had to get creative. Here are some ideas for a family or adult advent calendar:

  1. keepsake photos

  2. special messages

  3. activities! Included in this calendar is a night of riding around with hot cocoa looking at lights, watching our wedding video, a toast to Frank Sinatra, breakfast in bed and a trip to Sea World. I typed up messages on slips of paper to slip right into the tree.

  4. Treats - yes there is candy but also lip balm and the promise of an ornament commemorating a special day.

I made my little messages rhyme but that isn't necessary, I was watching a Hallmark movie about a scavenger hunt as I was writing them and I guess I was inspired! I'm super excited for Tamy to start opening up this calendar and really proud of myself for using this time to create something super personal that I wouldn't have done if I was busy working.

Be sure to follow me on Instagram as I'll share our journey with this advent calendar and be sure to tag me or send me a photo if you decide to make one for your loved ones! Don't let being an adult stop you from enjoying some of the magic of the season!!

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Gabrielle Cohen
Gabrielle Cohen
Nov 25, 2020

This is perfect!!!!! You’re so darn clever!

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