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Coffee Shop Adventures: A Pivot and a Foxtail

Sometimes you make plans with friends to try a new coffee shop and Mother Nature decides to literally throw tornados in your path. But if you are lucky like me, then you made plans with people (Tamy and Reyna) who are willing to pivot and make new plans and the end result means you get to try not only a cool new coffee spot but also you get to try breakfast somewhere new too!

When the three of us discovered that the storm was right in the path of our planned destination we did what any normal group of people would do - we googled places for breakfast near me! What we discovered was that the British Pub right near us The Friar Tuck served breakfast and the menu looked amazing! So we headed over and I ate the best corned beef hash I have ever eaten while the storm raged outside! Tamy also had the hash, we both devoured every single bite it was so good! Reyna got the breakfast burrito and she spoke highly of it as well.

Once we finished breakfast and the worst of the storm was over we picked another coffee shop on our list that was close by and headed on over. Foxtail Coffee Co. in Clermont was amazing, we relaxed, we chatted and we drank totally delicious coffee. I'm glad this place is so close to us because we will be going back often!

I got one of the specials the Pistachio Latte and wow it was absolutely delicious! Reyna got another of the specials an iced coconut latte and Tamy got one of her favorite coffee beverages a Café con Leche only this time she tried it iced and she hasn't stopped talking about it since!

I absolutely recommend both places for great food, cozy vibes and just great local places to enjoy. I fully intend to head back to Foxtail and try their food and more of their coffee and we have big plans for Friar Tuck, I hear I have to try their Cornish Pasties and Fish and Chips so a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do! If you have any cool places to try out in Clermont let me know in the comments and we'll add them to the list!

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1 comentário

Gabrielle Cohen
Gabrielle Cohen
04 de abr. de 2022

OMG! The coconut latte from Foxtail is my newest obsession! Fun fact: their quiche is pretty outstanding. I highly recommend.

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