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Coffee Shop Adventures: Achilles Art Cafe

Don't let this basic blah Coffee Shop sign fool you, when you walk in this door of this coffee shop in Metro West you will be transported to Achilles Art Café, a very cool, very funky spot. We were back out in the world for another coffee shop adventure with our friend Reyna and this one was such a treat!

We sat on a lumpy couch, surrounded by cool art and we spent three hours chatting, enjoying our surroundings, comfy and full of yummy food and lattes.

Reyna had a breakfast sandwich which she said was really yummy, I had the avocado toast sandwich - this was spectacular! I'm not sure what made it most special the mix of fresh avocado and guacamole or if it was the pesto which I love on just about everything or the feta cheese, whatever it was this sandwich was delicious! Not pictured is Tamy's chicken noodle soup which she said was really delicious. For our lattes we had coconut macaron, almond joy and peanut butter and wow they were so good. This is definitely a place I would go back to.

If you have any coffee shop recommendations in Central Florida be sure to drop them in the comments below! Stay tuned to see what adventures we have next!

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