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Coffee Shop Adventures - Cafe Barista

It always amazes me how many fun coffee shops are in Central Florida. Recently we headed to Cafe Barista in Downtown Kissimmee - this was 100% a fun Reyna find, and it was so darn good and just a super cute vibe.

For our breakfast I went the very basic route of Guac Toast - which was really yummy, those tomatoes were super fresh. Everyone else at the table got omelets, Tamy's is pictured above and had turkey and Swiss cheese. I had a few bites, and it was really delicious. Also, her toast and those chips were amazing.

The coffee was absolutely show stopping. Tamy and I both got the peanut butter mocha; Tamy's was hot and mine was frozen, and both were delicious. We were watching the barista make these and it was enchanting! Reyna got the French Toast latte and also gave it a big thumbs up!

Cafe Barista was definitely worth the drive, yummy food options, terrific coffee and reasonable prices and Downtown Kissimmee is really cute. A word of caution though, we visited on a Saturday and parked in the nearby garage, even though when we pulled in all the gates were wide open the garage was actually closed, and we had to call security to get our vehicles out. So, you might want to stop in during the week or avoid the garage on the weekend! Where is your favorite spot to have coffee and should I try it? Also, I'll be heading to California soon so if you have a good coffee spot in the Agoura Hills/Malibu area let me know!

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