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Coffee Shop Adventures - CFS

Ok you guys, me and my friend Reyna spent months visiting donuts spots all around the Central Florida area and we thought it was time for a new adventure. We are both big fans of coffee so we are now visiting fun, cool, interesting coffee shops in the area and of course I'll be taking you along for the ride!

Our first stop was CFS Coffee Shop. (Coffee For the Soul) For this visit we went to the Kirkman Road location. The only negative thing I will say is that the hours listed online were incorrect so we ended up waiting out front peeking in the windows for an hour. Now that being said the wait was 100% worth it!

Reyna and I were joined by Tamy on this inaugural coffee shop visit so we got to try lots of yummy food and it was all delicious, and the coffees - HEAVEN!

Tamy ordered the Cafe con Leche pictured above and I ordered the Golden Milk Latte and Reyna ordered the Farmer's Latte pictured below. Can we talk about how gorgeous these mugs are? The whole shop was very lovely, clean, beautifully decorated and cozy. The beverages were beautiful and delicious and so yummy!

There are mugs for purchase in you want to recreate this amazing experience at home, I was too busy deciding what I was going to eat. Everything on the breakfast menu looked absolutely amazing, the lunch menu also looks fantastic and then there is the pastry case that I'm already dying to go back and try!

This food - wow! It looked just like the photos on the menu and tasted so so good! For this little shop that we have all passed a hundred times but never really noticed before we were blown away. Tamy got the oatmeal topped with berries and seeds and peanut butter - she ate it all! I got the Carbonara Toast, Brioche bread topped with mushrooms, onions, bacon, cheese and this delicious creamy cheesy sauce - DELICIOUS! Reyna got the veggie omelet, look how beautiful that is! We all raved about the food, we all planned what we would be getting next visit and I know the next visit will be soon!

I am so glad we decided to go on this coffee shop adventure otherwise we might never have tried CFS Coffee and that would have been terrible! You never know what gems you will find in your neighborhood so definitely head into your nearest coffee shop and check it out!

I hope you will follow along on this new adventure and if you know of any great coffee shops in the Orlando area be sure to let me know in the comments below!

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