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Coffee Shop Adventures - Coffee Shop of Horrors

We went on an adventure! Erinn heard about Coffee Shop of Horrors from a friend and we decided that had to be the next stop on the coffee journey. It was a huge bonus that Kelly joined us and the four of us had a blast!

Filled with horror themed stuff it was the perfect spot as I'm kicking off spooky season. It was fun looking through the books on the shelves and all the horror memorabilia scattered around. The coffee shop connects to another eatery that serves pizza and pasta but we stuck to the coffee side.

All of us got the Thriller which is soft serve ice cream mixed into either cold brew or nitro coffee. I got the Nitro (of course) This was delicious and made by hand. This was not some mix they put in a blender, the guy who helped us blended it with a long spoon the old fashioned way and it was AMAZING!

Tamy and I also shared this little apple loaf that was also very delicious. Perfect for that Fall feeling. Kelly and Erinn had blueberry muffins, also yummy. It was great to sit and talk and hang out. It was a bit of a drive from where we are as it's in Lake County and not Orange where we live but I can definitely see us visiting again. You can also buy coffee from them on their website so check it out by clicking here. They have another café location that we will likely check out in the near future but in the meantime where should we head next?

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Gabrielle Cohen
Gabrielle Cohen
17 de ago. de 2021

So cool! Love the theme & their packaging kind of gives my Bones vibes. As someone who’s driven great distances for some coffee or even yummy ice cream, I am digging this new series of adventures. ❤️☕️🚘

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