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Coffee Shop Adventures - Craft & Common

Back again with another Coffee Shop Adventure! This time we visited a spot located in Downtown Orlando - Craft & Common. This was my third time visiting this place but I hadn't been for official blog business and Tamy had never been so we made a plan. Friends Jim and Reyna joined us and after lunch and coffee we hopped next door to throw axes (more on that coming soon)

A couple of things about Craft & Common, this place is busy! The entire time we were there the line stretched out the door, but that should tell you how yummy it is. Also, if you don't live Downtown and you can't walk there, parking can be a little tricky. On Sunday there are a lot of spots that are free but we found a lot nearby. For this visit Tamy got an iced Chamomile tea and I got The Dunes iced. The Dunes is a lovely mix of espresso, milk, cinnamon and orange that is just delightful. I opted for three shots of espresso, Reyna ordered the same thing but with two shots.

For food Tamy got the Fig and Hummus toast, I was lucky to get a bite and this was seriously delicious. A fun combination of flavors and textures and definitely not a toast we whip up at home.

Reyna got the same thing as Tamy but added goat cheese to hers, a choice I was 100% behind. Can you ever go wrong with adding cheese to something?

I got the same thing I get every time as far as food goes, the sausage sandwich on a pretzel bun. There is a spicy sriracha aioli that is just to die for and this time I got a little wild and added avocado! A solid choice for sure.

Previous visits found me toasting with Gabby and some yummy mimosas, the dunes coffee warm, my sausage sandwich obviously and the ice banana chai which is out of this world good.

I highly recommend Craft and Common and know that Tamy and I will definitely be back. So many coffee shops, so little time! Where do you recommend we visit next?

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