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Cruise Adventures - Part 3 - But You're Adults

As you can probably tell I can't stop talking about our Disney Cruise! One of the questions I get asked a lot is, "but you're an adult, what is there to do?" The short answer is - plenty! Of course we saw the shows and we took pictures with characters because those are things we both enjoy but for those of us who are over 21 (ok we're well over 21) with no kids there is still plenty to do.

There are whole areas of the ship dedicated to those 18+ included pools, hot tubs with amazing views, splash pools and swim up bars. It's quiet, on the Dream it's on high decks so everywhere you look is completely spectacular and it almost feels like being a part of a private club. There is also the Cove café and bar where you can get fancy coffee or spirits or coffee with spirits whatever floats your boat.

The District is another adult only section of the ship filled with clubs and bars. There are activities in each and every one of these places every day you're on board. We took a Mixology Class and it was so much fun, we learned a lot and drank a lot and it was just a blast. We listened to live music, we sipped fancy cocktails and we played trivia all in the company of other adults.

Castaway Cay also has an adult only beach Serenity Bay. This spot is breathtaking. We took the tram over, we played in the ocean, we drank cocktails (and plenty of water) and we just chatted and relaxed. Serenity Bay also has a lunchtime spot that has everything the other barbecue spots have plus steak! There are cabanas to rent and I believe they offer yoga as well. It's so super peaceful.

And don't forget the adult dining! Now of course these come at an extra cost, much like the fancy coffee and cocktails but these 18+ dining locations make for a great experience. We dined at Palo but on the Dream they also have Remy available and that will have to wait until next time.

Of course we absolutely enjoyed every minute we spent in the adult areas of the ship and island but please don't take that to mean we didn't enjoy the all ages activities as well. We loved our dining rotation, we loved the all age trivia and the pirate party so I firmly suggest you don't miss any of it! Any questions about adult activities onboard a Disney ship don't hesitate to ask and until next time I'm going to keep reliving this magic voyage.

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