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It's my birthday!! Or as I fondly refer to the entire month of January; Danielle-abration! This means an entire month of celebrations, delicious food and fun with friends. I love Danielle-abration, I don't mind getting older because honestly I'm living my best life right now. I never imagined that at 44 I would be in better shape mentally and physically, even with this pesky pandemic I'm managing to hold it together and enjoy a month of celebration. (Safely of course!) This year I had an added layer of fun, Rose the Cricut worked overtime to create fun t-shirts, and an fun banner that will stay up straight through Valentine's day and some party ready champagne flutes. There is nothing wrong with making your own fun and your own celebration. You deserve it!

It's possible that while you are reading this I'm out for another celebration but on Saturday we had a little girl's night in party complete with a balloon wall photo backdrop. That's right I created a balloon wall which seemed like an amazing idea, until I had to blow up all those balloons. No really, I wouldn't have changed it and it's still up so you can expect more photos with this backdrop for as long as they stay hanging on the wall that is. I loved the idea of having a designated photo spot and I love having friends who are happy to take hundreds of photos with me. The champagne was flowing, there was pizza, cake and ice cream and a lot of laughing.

As we sat there sipping our bubbly and giggling I was so grateful for these women, these women have been there in good times and bad, who support every idea even the crazy ones, maybe especially the crazy ones! During a time that is so strange and you really learn what you have and who you have, it was really nice spending time with Gabby and Erinn. Of course Tamy always has my back and I have been blessed with an amazing spouse who also made sure there was a cake and pizza! My sister sent ice cream and sprinkles and though this sounds like a kid's party it definitely ranks high on the list of birthday celebrations.

Last year on my birthday I was deciding on whether I would take a new job or not (which I did) and when I blew out the candles I made a very different wish than the one this year but both last year and this year I made that wish with a happy heart, this year I made that wish surrounded by people who love me and what more could a birthday girl ask for? Do you celebrate your birthday or ignore it?

I so appreciate everyone who has reached out during Danielle-abration - you guys sure do know how to make a girl feel special! Will be back soon with the rest of the celebration!

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1 Comment

Gabrielle Cohen
Gabrielle Cohen
Jan 26, 2021

Danielle-abration is always a good time. I mean we get to celebrate you so woohoo!

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