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Easy Ways to Find Adventure in Your Every Day - Part 1

You probably think I'm crazy, how are we supposed to find adventure in the every day when we can't travel or go anywhere we want. True, we are limited to where we can find adventure but my goodness there are so many opportunities to find adventure in the every day and here are a few super easy ways for you to try!

  1. Dive into books! Explore worlds unknown, get to know new characters and people. I have always loved to read and during this pandemic reading has certainly saved me. In the pages of a book you can travel, make new friends, open your mind and your heart. I suggest finding an online book club or create one! I've done both! I recently joined Saved by the Book Club hosted by Larissa Wohl and all the books have an animal rescue theme which I love because it is opening my eyes to books I may not have picked up on my own. Most of you know that me and my best friend Bob formed our own virtual book club. This was all Bob's idea but it has been completely genius. We read books, we have good conversations, we watch movies and we have a lengthy list of upcoming books so this club is going to go on for a long long time!

2. Move your body! Get out and move - go for walks, explore your neighborhood, play with your dog, get some fresh air and vitamin C. Or stay in and move your body. You will be shocked by how many fun and different workouts can be found on YouTube. I like to dance so I have been adding fun cardio dance workouts from Up To the Beat Fitness , KyraPro and EMKFIT these gals help me not only move my body but I want to move, I want to dance, I want to work up a sweat and it is surprising the adventure that can take you on, the things you will learn about yourself along the way. It is also an adventure of finding what works for you, what you connect with. Give it a try I promise you won't be sorry even if it's just a short walk around your block there is so much to explore and get to know!

3. Get in your kitchen and take yourself on an adventure. Whether you are trying new recipes or new cuisines it can be an adventure! I have been cooking my way through the Laura Vitale cookbook but I've also been cooking up foods I hadn't tried before, above is my first ever pork tenderloin and for Thanksgiving I roasted my first turkey, I've made enchiladas and stuffed shells and things that I have normally avoided but what an adventure to get lost in the kitchen and just play and try new things.

Get started on your at home adventures today I promise you won't be sorry! Which adventure will you embark on first? Share with me in the comments below and share more adventures over on Instagram! We'll be back with more ideas and inspiration soon.

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