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Finding Adventure During a Pandemic: Document It!

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

I know we're not all into scrapbooking, but I can't stress enough how important it is to document this crazy time. We have never faced something like this before, and I hope to hell we never do again but there are lessons to be learned, there are major major major things happening in this world and we should absolutely remember them. We will want to remember what it was like to be home with loved ones, the lessons we learned, the memories we made, the things we did with the gift of time. I think all too soon we will go back to taking things for granted again and it would be great to have a record of how we got through the worst of times. Not everyone has to create layouts or traveler's notebooks (I do both) but there are other ways to create an account on this time in our lives. You can take the old fashioned pen to paper approach, you can keep a digital diary, you can very simply take photos and share them on social media explaining what life is like right now. I don't think you will be sorry.

There is already a time during this pandemic that I miss. I miss the time when Tamy and I were home together, the routines we created, the walks we took, the meals we made, the projects we completed. I miss the special bond Tamy and Brody created during this time and I miss the fact that I was losing weight back then! I would be sad not to have the above record of how these two spent March through May! Of course I'm super glad Tamy is back at work but there was a time we were in a little Pandemic bubble that was actually pretty nice.

I love a good list! I created the above list in March, back when I thought I would be back at work by July. I love having a record of what we watched and what we wanted to watch. I love this watch list so much and it's grown exponentially that I have moved it to my monthly bullet journal spreads. (More on those coming soon) It is a great way to document what we are into right now and to say remember when we binge watched Miranda - SUCH FUN!

You guys know I have been making Pasta Puttanesca on a monthly basis since March, how could I not document it. I absolutely have the photos of the banana breads I baked and the coffee I whipped and all of those will get documented too. These are the little things that can so easily get tossed aside and why wouldn't we want to remember? I have been trying a ton of new recipes and without adding it all to this blog or Instagram these new recipes could wind up as a one and done and some of them I want in regular rotation. Don't let yourself forget!

This page shows the new normal and life with masks but you know what else it does? It tells the story of two amazing friends who delivered these masks when we had none and basically couldn't and wouldn't leave the house without them. Of course we have since accumulated more masks but these still get worn and the memory of Hayden and Martha's kindness will live on! Let's face it, relationships have changed, friendships have grown or grown apart, bonds have grown stronger or shattered, there are lessons in all of that and if we just move out of this dark time without remembering the good, well then we will just be down this scary road again someday. We are learning during this time and we have to do our part to live these lessons every day.

Document that first place you went when things opened up and you felt safe to go out, where did you eat first, who did you hug first, how did it feel? Document that! I have pages and pages of returning to Disney and Sea World, and eating at restaurants. I have a very clear picture of where I felt safe and where I will never go again. (I'm looking at you IKEA) I know it doesn't feel like it now but trust me, you will want to remember this and future generations should see all this and hear about it. It's kinda part of the fashion of our time isn't it? Getting dressed up for dinner and adding a mask, what will the future generations have to say about that?

There is a lot going on right now, we are suffering, we are learning, we are growing, we have lost, we have suffered, we have grown stronger, we have begun to see the light, we have changed. Take what is happening in the world the big things - and there are a lot of really big things happening and document how you have been impacted, how you have grown, what you are doing about it. Document how you feel and how you hope to feel. We will never get this time back exactly as it is, but the world will forever be changed because of it, documenting the now will help you remember how we got into the future, and how we survived!

Are you documenting this crazy time? I would love to hear how. Also, I'm always looking for new things to watch so share your watch list with me pretty please. See what I did there, I'm tricking you into writing something down and sharing it so that it's documented!! I can't wait to hear from you.

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