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Finding Adventure During a Pandemic - Mural Walk

I know, I know, it seems like finding adventure during a pandemic would be impossible right? Wrong! Now is the perfect time to take the opportunity to explore your town or city, safely of course, following all mask wearing and social distancing orders and procedures.

Here in Orlando we have driven past murals all over town, in alleyways, on the side of buildings and businesses but we never took the opportunity to stop and look at them or photograph them we would just drive on, always with somewhere to go, always on a schedule. But here we are, gift of time and all that good stuff. So on two separate days we chose mural heavy neighborhoods and simply walked around checking out the murals! It helps if you have a friend who will make maps of all the locations. Lucky for me I have such a friend.

It was an incredible experience, to walk around this city where I have lived for more than half my life on foot, looking at larger than life art, really beautiful creations and while we were at it we window shopped and made plans to try new restaurants and there may have been a donuts stop thrown in there too! Since I mentioned the donuts I absolutely recommend Shaka Donuts, for fresh, warm and amazingly delicious donuts! It is a spot we pass every day on the way to work and every morning I would say we should try this place and finally here we are, it took a pandemic for me to try these scrumptious Fruity Pebbles topped donuts!

We were able to safely social distance, we wore masks much of the time and we were outdoors getting our steps in! We were with friends, we were seeing the things in the town where we live that we have taken for granted. And now when we drive past these murals are not just things we should stop and look at when we have time but triggers to wonderful memories, amazing adventures and the making the best of a crummy situation, during a really troubling time! Go out, grab your camera or just your cell phone and see what your town has to offer, I bet you will be surprised and I hope you will share your findings with me!

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