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Finding Adventure When Times Are Tough

We've been dealing with a lot haven't we? The world is nuts, the pandemic still raging, supply chain issues, gas prices soaring, worries about rights being taken away and those are just the things on a global and national scale. Aside from all of those things we have all dealt with our own situations. Whether we faced the loss of loved ones, or we lost jobs, or just lost passion for things we used to love. We have faced personal challenges like gaining weight or losing weight or growing apart from friends. It isn't always easy to find adventure in these times, it isn't always easy to find the silver lining in the dark times. You might notice I rarely post things that are heavy, I rarely post anything about politics and you may not agree. You may feel that I am being insensitive, your opinion might be that I don't care, you might ask, "how or why is she finding adventure when she should be sad or angry?"

I will be honest with you, I selfishly post the good things because it offers me an escape from the tough conversations. I take a break from being sad and angry by sharing the good things with whoever is reading this. I spend time having adventures with my wife and our friends and family because if we have learned anything its that time isn't promised. So yes I could spend the time in a dark place or I can pull it together and live my best possible life. Not because what's happening in the world doesn't matter, but because it does. Because I will not let anyone steal time from me and Tamy, I do not want to look back on our life with a list of I wish I had and what ifs. It is not easy, I will never proclaim it to be, but I will do my absolute best to inspire you to live for the moments, live your most epic life and have the adventures while you can!

Things we are doing to make the most out of this life we've been given:

  1. Spend time with friends! Whether it's pool days and game nights or trips to the beach or theme parks or trying a new coffee shop, we are trying our best to have fun experiences with our friends to make sure they know how important they are to us and to make memories that will last forever.

  2. Binge watch TV shows. Tamy and I have been making our way through a bunch of different shows. It started when I was furloughed but we have kept it up watching every single episode of Grey's Anatomy, Schitt's Creek and currently making our way through Deep Space 9. It is fun to watch these shows together and talk about them and get to know the characters together. It's also a fairly inexpensive thing to do.

  3. We never turn down a trip. We headed to California to see my family in November, we've gone on a cruise, we plan to stay in a few resorts over the next few months, we rented a beach house for Labor Day, we are always planning that next trip to Vegas and we have other fun travel adventures in the works. We lost a lot of time during the pandemic where we couldn't travel - so now when the opportunity presents itself we grab it.

  4. I write - obviously I blog but I also journal regularly, sometimes I even type up stories or would be blog posts that no one will ever read but boy does it help. It helps give me a place to put all the feelings, it helps get everything out of my mind and on paper.

  5. Practice self care. Your inclination may be to do the opposite but I promise you when you take care of yourself it puts you in a better position to take care of others. I practice yoga, I meditate, I drink tea and read books and just try to relax so that when my time taking care of myself is up I can focus on being a stronger employee, friend, daughter, sister, and wife. You can't save the world if your cup is empty.

I post the good times, I post the adventures, I hope to be a safe space in a stormy world. A place where you can find a smile, a friend, a laugh and feel the tiny bit inspired to find your own adventures. Of course if you ever need to talk, vent, scream, don't hesitate to reach out via email, through social media or comment here and let me know you need me - I will always listen and maybe I can scream with you!

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