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Finding Magic on Christmas Eve

I hope this Christmas Eve finds you filled with joy. Yesterday I spent most of the day in the kitchen so that today I could focus on the things and the people that fill me with so much joy. Tamy and I took a walk around our new neighborhood which is such a reminder of how lucky we are and how positive change can be.

We all know the last couple of years have been trying, this Christmas I'm trying really hard to focus on all that we have and all that is coming our way. Tonight our new home will be filled with dear friends and so much food, definitely some liquor and so much laughter and love. I have already been tracking Santa, determined to believe in the magic this Christmas. I hope however you are spending today you are holding onto the magic.

How are you spending this Christmas Eve? What is one thing you are doing to hold onto the Christmas magic? Share in the comments and in case you need them here are a few suggestions:

  1. Track Santa. It's silly I know, I'm grown but I use the Norad app and track Santa every year, its just a fun thing to do to keep some of that magic and wonder alive.

  2. Let your Elf on the Shelf join the party! Again we have no human children and we have to keep Star the elf out of Brody's reach but Star has her fancy outfit on and is ready to make a guest appearance at tonight's festivities.

  3. Make sure you talk to loved ones. We may not be with everyone one we love in person today but a phone call, a video chat, talk about the traditions of years gone by who knows you may be inspired to add some of these old traditions into your present day!

I can't wait to hear about your magical Christmas Eve!!

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