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Florida Adventure Beyond the Theme Parks

It is no secret that I love the theme parks, all of them, and we go often. But I also like to try things that are brand new and unexpected. For two years we have been passing the signs for Showcase of Citrus and their Monster Truck Tour billboard and finally we headed over and gave the tour a whirl!

Tamy was not sure how much I would like this outdoor adventure, but I thought it was fun, and the country store and bar area was a cool place to just sit and relax and chat.

The Monster Truck tour was fun, a little cheesy, we did learn some interesting facts about Florida wild life, we may have spotted a few sasquatch (here's where the cheese comes in) and we did get to throw treats to the animals which was really fun.

I am not sure I would rush to get back on the Monster Truck but we all agreed we would definitely head back for shopping, treats, drinks and just relaxing. They are also have a sloth and lemur experience coming soon so we are definitely heading back to check that out.

What should be our next non-theme park adventure?

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