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Fun Fall Crafts

Every season I say to myself, "I wish I crafted more" and I was bound and determined during this furloughed period of time that I would do just that. On my Fall bucket list I have create a Fall banner, which I didn't do and probably won't do but I did create a really fun Fall craft that I'm really happy about.

I came across this project on the internet, if you google cork crafts you will find several options for this, I am sharing what I did and what worked for me. So you need 34 corks, I didn't have 34 regular wine bottle corks but I did have loads of Champagne/Prosecco bottle corks. Being a crafter I already had the acrylic paint in orange. If you don't have this you can find it at any craft supply store and is usually well under $5. I squirted some of the paint on a paper plate and just dipped my corks in it. I noticed some dripping, so I just dabbed them on a paper towel, removed some of the excess paint and gave them a really cool weathered look.

I will tell you this right now, use hot glue! I tried a different adhesive and it was nearly a disaster. It was just laziness on my part cause I didn't want to dig out the glue gun but it was worth the trouble!! I started gluing all my corks together and realized that due to the bubbled top of the Champagne corks they were collapsing in on themselves! OH NO!

No worries, I happened to have a canvas that I had already done a rough black base coat on so I just glued the whole thing on this base and problem solved!!! I also like that it's on a base cause I could end up hanging this in the future if I so choose.

I finished this project off by hand cutting some leaves out of green craft paper, I inked the edges a little bit just to add a bit of pop. I also glued on this ribbon that I had saved, it actually came from packaging so I was glad to finally put it to good use. I have it set up with a bunch of Fall leaves around it making a lovely little display. Did you create fun crafts for Fall? Do you have any fun crafts planned for Christmas? I'm looking forward to more fun crafting projects in my future so stay tuned!

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