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Give Yourself Grace

These are unprecedented times... Aren't you getting tired of hearing that? I know, me too. But it does happen to be true, these are times that we were not prepared for and I don't know about you but I wasn't handed a road map telling me how to deal with it, so here we are stuck in these unprecedented times just trying to figure things out.

I have definitely been trying here on the blog and on Instagram to keep things light and fun and to focus on the all the good, all the adventures. I do that not because there is no bad time, I do it to make myself feel better and hopefully to give someone out there something fun to look at instead of all of the negative. I have bad days, I have days where I wear sweatpants and cry for seemingly no reason, days where I just stare into space wondering what is next. You know what? Those days are OK! Give yourself grace, give yourself the space to find what you need! You are OK, we will be OK! I'm not a medical professional and if you feel you need a professional to talk to I encourage it, if you feel that you don't, you are still OK!

Right now we are all trying to get through this as best we can and as safely! You might be the person who isn't leaving your house for any reason, at all, ever. You know what? That's OK! You might be the person that for their mental health (like me) who has to go out, who has to find the normal, who has to be around friends, guess what? That's OK too! Make the decisions you feel comfortable with, stick to them, take precautions, be safe, but take care of you. You want to cry all day because a vacation you've been looking forward to has been canceled, guess what? You can! It's OK to grieve the things being canceled. Grieve and then move forward in a manner you are comfortable with.

I have been going out and finding adventure places, I have been lucky to explore the place I've lived for half my life discovering new things, I have also spent my fair share of time home also finding adventure, cooking, makeup, yoga, and people might think "who cares?" or "why do we need another picture of this" and the honest answer is maybe you don't and that is absolutely OK, but I need it. I need to do it. I wake up and get dressed most days and put on makeup - why? I feel better doing it, I feel more normal. I take photos, I started a blog, why? I needed something to do, something to focus on. Maybe try that for you? Maybe you have a recipe you've been dying to try, hey maybe now's the time to try it! Maybe you want to write the next great novel? Go ahead and write it! Maybe you want to binge watch every single thing on Netflix, guess what? You can!!

Our lives and paths are all different, we are all having our own unprecedented adventure, it is difficult enough without letting other people judge us or make us feel bad. Do what you enjoy, post what makes you happy, leave your house or don't it is up to you. And if your pandemic life doesn't look like someone else's don't compare yourself and don't judge them either. We don't have a map for this adventure its pretty much a choose your own.

Know that I am here, here to listen, here to post and give you a break from all the talk of horrible things, let me know what I can do for you? Do you need to talk? Do you want to see something in particular? Do you have a recipe you tried or want me to try? Do you want to tell me to shut the hell up? Honestly this blog is the grace I needed to have a place to be me, just me, no apologies, no filters and I want it to be a safe place for you to come and read about my crazy and share stories about all of our adventures! I can't wait to hear from you!

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3 comentários

My favorite post yet!! Love everything about this. 😊😊


Beautifully written. I am one of those, due to health issue, who can not leave the house under Doctor's Orders. I have accepted that, made the best of it, and just am happy. Yes there are negative times and people out there, ignore them. My heart aches with your job but know you will get through it, you are strong, and will come out better for it!


Oh Dani, you crack me up! After getting over the craziness of not seeing anyone but DH or going anywhere, and hip surgery I'm back to hobbling around and sewing! That's my sane place.

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