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Holding Onto Christmas

I feel like I'm holding onto Christmas tight and with both hands. We are still days away from Santa's arrival and yet the post-Christmas commercials are mucking up the airwaves, the crappy New Year, New You garbage is already flooding my inbox. Why is everyone in such a rush? As someone who was accused of decorating for Christmas too early, I'm here to tell you this is exactly why. Everyone seems to be in a rush to get the season over with and here I am holding on, trying to keep the spirit alive, trying to prolong it all as much and as long as possible.

I had an interesting conversation with Santa recently where he asked what I wanted for Christmas. My reply was more time with family and friends. Santa asked if I thought I was going to get my wish and then very gently reminded me that I was in charge of my time. So as everyone else speeds through this season I choose to slow down, enjoy every minute. The baking and cleaning and even the present wrapping (which most of you know I hate) I am taking charge of how much time I spend celebrating the holiday season and will continue lighting the lights, watching holiday movies and partaking in holiday foods and festivities for as long as possible.

For me the saddest day of the year is December 26th when so many people tear down the decorations and hide Christmas away like it never happened at all. I'm here to remind you that the Twelve Days of Christmas do in fact start on the 25th and carry on until January 5th so for those who complained that I put my decorations up too early - they will also be staying up until January 6th (at least) because per Santa's instructions I'm in charge of my own time and I will celebrate as I like.

I will stop being sad about how others speed through the holidays and focus on how me and my family spend our time. But I will remind you of this - we are all responsible of our time and we will never get these days back and when we look back on the holidays do we want to look back and see a relaxed happy holiday or one that we wished away and raced through? Christmas is an adventure, it comes with stresses, and longer to do lists and outings and shopping and balancing regular life with festivities that only come around once a year. Choose your own adventure here, I hope you will choose the magic, the love, the spirit but you are responsible for your own time I only hope to inspire you to find the adventure!

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