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It's Time for Fall Adventures

I will be completely honest, our Halloween and Fall decorations have been up for quite some time, but it finally feels acceptable to share the adventure with you! I love the Fall, I love the decor, the food, the activities, and the change in the weather. (even as slight as that is here in Florida) Of course this year will be a little bit different then years past, some of the activities we typically enjoy have been cancelled or modified and that is for sure a bummer, BUT - we can make the best of it and still have a great time.

I started with a Bucket List, now these can be found all over the internet, certainly some of my favorite influencers and friends have created and shared them, but Tamy and I sat down and created one that was full of things we wanted to do. Some are long standing traditions, some we are adding for the first time. We are excited about all of it!

I then dug deeper with some of the items on the list. It is all well and good to put that you want to watch Halloween movies but which movies are you planning to tackle? What foods are you looking to make? I have even more deep dive lists I'm going to make based on that initial bucket list and then I will document each item as we check them off. Stay tuned because of course I will share as we go. I have fun food planned for some of the movie nights and have tons of recipes saved that are both tried and true and brand new!

To help feel festive I have decorated this entire apartment in Fall fun. I have twinkle lights and leaves and pumpkins every where. I am obsessed with these Target birds which is crazy considering I'm petrified of birds, but these guys are just so so cute. I have a fun mix of Halloween and just Autumn colors and touches. We will get way more into that soon too and I hope to add video tours as well.

Now that I'm off to a good start I'm ready to live my best Fall life and enjoy this adventure to the absolute fullest. What is on your list of things to do this Fall season? What is your absolute must food for the Fall? And what would you like to see featured here? We have pumpkin patches, Disney trips and movie nights coming but if I miss anything please comment below and tell me what I'm missing!

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1 comentario

Gabrielle Cohen
Gabrielle Cohen
24 sept 2020

Sadly, must must-have fall good ain’t happening this year. What is it? Hot apple cider donuts from my fave upstate NY orchard. 😥 That said, I’d like to see what treats you whip up for fall and even have some holiday decorating tips. Your place is always so festive!

Me gusta
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