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Its Just a Hocus Pocus Adventure

We are creeping up to Halloween so another movie night was in order - Hocus Pocus of course! This Halloween classic is another of our can't miss for the spooky season and we had so much fun with this one! We kicked off the evening by lighting some candles, they weren't black flamed but they are inspired by our favorite Sanderson sisters! I also mixed up the I Put a Spell on You cocktail. This was Kinky Liqueur Pink and some blood orange sparkling water. Pretty tasty!

For dinner we had mummy dogs! Halloween is a time to revisit childhood right? My mom made these cheese filled, crescent wrapped hot dogs when I was a kid and I make them regularly now as an adult. These are fat free turkey dogs but the cheese is full fat Tillamook and the classic crescents we all know and love. Our mummy dogs were paired with Dead Man Toe tots and Witch's Fingers. Ok they may be broccoli tots and breaded green beans but don't they make for fun and spooky looking sides for this particular movie?

For dessert I pulled out an old classic. I haven't made this in years and I'm not sure why I stopped, it is so yummy and so easy to make! I used a 5.9 oz box of Jello Pudding and used two cups of milk and an 8 oz container of whipped topping to make it more mousse like. (this is an old trick from mom) I spread the pudding in a rectangular pan and topped with crushed Oreos! I used a row and a half of cookies, put them in a baggie and crushed them with a rolling pin - very therapeutic! Milano cookies acted as our tombstones, added a couple of mallow pumpkins which I love and then I made white chocolate ghosts using a mold and chocolates from the craft store and just like that a spooky graveyard was ready for us to dig into!

I have been having an absolute blast creating these fun menus and themed movie nights, I can't wait to take this into the next season! What Halloween movies are on your must watch list? Let me know in the comments below.

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