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Just a Bunch of Hocus Pocus

Like many others I was super excited for the release of the Hocus Pocus sequel. I planned a whole weekend around this release - complete with makeup looks, clothes and food. Unfortunately, due to the hurricane my Colourpop order with the latest Hocus Pocus collection has been delayed but no worries I just used makeup from the previous collections!

I'm a purist so of course we had to start with the original Hocus Pocus before jumping into the new one. We paired the OG film with grilled cheese and soup; because honestly what other food pairing makes you feel like a kid again!

I sported the new spirit jersey I bought in Disneyland, Brody snuggled with his new Sanderson sister toys and of course I drank wine out of a themed glass of course! It is always fun to watch this Halloween classic, to revisit these fun characters and get a little spooky - a pretty great way to jump into October too!

I have been seeing this Hocus Pocus charcuterie board everywhere the last two years and I was determined to make it this year. For the viewing of the second movie, I created this board and I have to say I'm pretty proud of it. Tamy isn't a huge fan of brie, and I also didn't think we needed a wheel and a half of it, I found a mozzarella log at Trader Joe's, and I was able to use that for my witch's heads. I used Unexpected Cheddar for Sarah's hair, salami for Winnie's hair and black berries for Mary's hair. I cut some tomatoes, seasoned them with salt and pepper, added crackers, green goddess cheese and pumpkin tortilla chips of course and BOO you got yourself a themed charcuterie board!

With the scene set we watched what will be a new classic in this house. Did we like it more than we like the first? No. Did we still really enjoy it and will love watching it year after year? Yes! It was great having these witches back, I loved the songs, I loved the new characters. There were a few things I wish were done a tiny bit differently, but I don't want to spoil anything for anyone who hasn't seen the film yet. Overall, a fun way to jump into spooky season!

We watched both movies the same day but that didn't stop me from keeping the theme going all weekend! I pulled out the shirt I made with my Cricut last year and put together a matching eyeshadow look, and we headed to Disney Springs thinking we would find some fun Fall photo ops but that unfortunately wasn't the case, but we still had a fun day. Safe to say the Halloween season is off to a good start.

What themed movie night do you hope to see next? I plan to do more of these this month leading up to Halloween and will likely take it right into the Christmas season and beyond so drop your suggestions in the comments and you just might see your idea featured in a future blog post!

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