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Make It Monday - Easter

I haven't been sharing a lot of cooking and crafting lately, which is a total miss on my part because I've been doing a lot of both! For this Make It Monday I thought it would be fun to share some of the food, crafts and fun that made this Easter so special!

Since I got my wonderful Cricut Rose I have made a lot of fun t-shirts. I thought what better way to add a little spring to my wardrobe then to make a couple of festive shirts. I knew we were going to see the eggs and the Grand Floridian and I knew we would be coloring eggs so I used this graphic from the Cricut Design Center and my favorite vinyl from HTVRONT, with a super inexpensive t-shirt from Walmart I made this shirt to show just how egg-stra I really am!

Ok so I had my shirt for some pre-Easter activities but what about for Easter itself!? I used these little peep designs (also from the design center) another shirt from Walmart and more of my beloved vinyl and I made this super cute shirt - I already can't wait to wear it again!

One morning before work I thought hmmm you know what I need to make? A bunny banner of course!! I cut nine bunnies with my Cricut, split a cotton ball into little pieces and glued on for a bunny tail and then attached to some baker's twine I had on hand and there you have it a bunny banner, plus isn't that just fun to say?

I've made Nutella pie a few times for Easter dessert but this year I wanted to make something a little different. I was going to make a layered Nutella icebox cake but the grocery store had zero chocolate graham crackers so I cheated a little bit and bought an Oreo crust and then mixed Nutella and Mascarpone for the bottom layer and then for the top layer I mixed Mascarpone, heavy cream and a little bit of powder sugar. I topped with some cute peep shaped sprinkles to add a little spring time fun. It was a good reminder that when things don't go as planned you can pivot and still make something totally delicious!

I was totally excited that my pie kept it's shape, I loved how my layers turned out and I was thrilled with how delicious this was. I will definitely be making this pie this way again!

Easter is not Easter without Easter pie! This is a family tradition and who in their right mind can't get behind a pie filled with sausage, prosciutto and cheese - lots of cheese! If you want the full recipe you have to head over to my sister's blog Leonetti Living - click here.

It was wonderful cooking and crafting and having friends over and making a wonderful holiday but I really love sharing it with you. We will have more crafts, more cooking and more fun and as always I want to hear what you want to see - leave me a comment on this post or find me on Instagram.

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