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Make It Monday - Pumpkin Wreath

It is my favorite time of year! Halloween/Fall which rolls right into Christmas so for the next five months I feel extra creative, I get extra crafty and I have a funny feeling Rose the Cricut will be working over time! Makeup Monday will now share the spotlight with Make It Monday and I have to say I'm thrilled with this first project!

My friend Sara sent me a photo of a wreath that Disney is selling with a message that said "you can totally make this" that same day I saw one of the sites I follow giving away Mickey/Minnie cut files! It was fate right, it had to be. I downloaded the file, ordered wreath frames from Amazon and the idea was born. You can find the wreath materials here.

The paper I had, definitely a benefit to being a scrapbooker. I cut all of the silhouettes, added the orange and green details by hand. In hindsight I would have used vinyl on a paper base for this, it would have been much easier to transfer but I was already committed to the paper route and it's a lesson learned for Christmas.

I used hot glue to attach my three circles together creating that very famous mouse shape and I stacked up my pumpkins and I was ready to go.

I also created a bow out of paper using a cut file that is included in my Cricut subscription. I thought about buying Halloween ribbon but it got to a point where I was challenging myself to do as much of it by hand as possible and with items I had on hand if at all possible. I definitely recommend using double sided paper for the bow, that is what I did here, trust me the alternative is not as cute.

I distressed all of my pumpkins a little bit with distress ink and hot glued them to the wreath base and just like that a Halloween Star was born! There are definitely things I will do differently in creating this or a similar project in the future but for now I'm super excited that I have this adorable wreath hanging in our home and instead of costing $50 it cost me $11. That is how much the frame materials cost and I have enough framing to make another Mickey shaped wreath!

It just goes to show with a great idea, a push from a friend and a little creativity you can craft up a Halloween adventure right in your own home! Be sure to head to Instagram for a fun little reel on this project and let me know what you hope to see me create next! What are you making on this Make It Monday?

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