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Makeup Monday - And The Winner Is....

And the winner of the first ever eye shadow palette March Madness bracket is - The Norvina Palette by Anastasia of Beverly Hills. This was another super close race and honestly I convinced myself I would be happy regardless of which palette won but I am over the moon that Norvina pulled off the W! This is one of my favorite palettes of all time. Six of the colors are almost empty I'm scraping the pan. It is so versatile and I guess the looks I created were winners because out of my sixty-two palettes we took it to sixteen, eight, four, two and the victor!

I love the soft dreamy looks I've been able to create for work day looks but still playing with the blues and pinks and shimmers. I have always loved how these shadows blend so effortlessly.

There is definitely a touch of romance to the pinks and purple shades which is probably why I've always been so obsessed with this palette. I've mentioned before that win or lose I am considering retiring this palette since it's well more than two years old and eyeshadows do expire. I am happy to report that when I was in Sephora Disney Springs on Saturday they are still selling this palette so maybe I retire and just buy a new one?! Thoughts on this??

I have loved creating these looks for this March Madness event do we think we should do it again next year? And do we need a lipstick bracket? Leave your comments and ideas below or send me a message you never know when I'll take your idea and run with it!

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