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Makeup Monday - Feeling Festive

You guys I'm going to tell you the truth, for today's post I wanted to create one of those outrageous eye looks where it looks like your eyelids are draped in Christmas lights. I tried this a couple of times - disaster! I just don't have a steady hand, nor do I have the artistic ability to draw Christmas lights on my eyes. So instead of ditching the idea of festive looks altogether, I put together two fun looks that add plenty of sparkle and holiday cheer!

So over the weekend I styled an eye look using the Smashbox On the Rocks palette - which I've had for a long time but it had the blue and silvers I wanted to use to match a new shirt I was wearing for the first time! Now you know dealing with blue eyeshadow you have to kinda handle with care so you don't look crazy but adding the silver made this feel frosty and fun which was exactly what I was going for!

Christmas time is the perfect time to add sparkle, to add some glitter, to play and use colors you usually don't. That is what I did here and I have to tell you I was really happy with how it turned out.

I knew I wanted to use this Melt Cosmetics Gemini palette for my Christmas light look because the palette includes lots of green tones. Once I ditched the over the top look I felt that the Gemini Palette was still super festive and had the right amount of sparkle for a Christmas look which I will call my "oh Christmas tree" eye look!

I may have paired this look with leggings and a long sleeve tee shirt, and I may not be leaving the house all day but I am in love with this look! The greens and golds shout holiday vibe to me and I can't wait to style this with attire that is a little more festive and where I might actually you know, leave the house!

For this holiday season I encourage you to play with your makeup looks, go over the top, add sparkle, why not - it's just makeup and we can always wash it off, just like I did five times with my Christmas light disaster! What types of holiday looks do you want to see or try?

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