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Makeup Monday - Foundation Focus Part 1

As you guys know I rotate between three foundations depending on the occasion, day, activity, time of year, etc. Today we are going to focus on one of these foundations and why I choose it and when.

I am obsessed with CliniqueFit Workout Makeup. This stuff is absolutely incredible and if you do anything outside, workout on a regular basis or all of the above this is for you. It has 40 SPF which is great for those walks through the theme parks, walks on the beach or races that may start in the dark but very much end with the sun shining right in your face. My mom suggested this when I started running more frequently, she knew I wore makeup on race day because I had to be ready for those race photographers and those post race medal shots right? I have never been sorry that she suggested this and I usually keep a spare one at the ready so I'm never without it.

Recently I ran a virtual 5k and I knew I wanted to take some post race photos so I put on some CliniqueFit and headed out. Now in some places I'm hearing that the temperatures are cooling down and it's pleasant to run outside, here in Orlando it is still very humid and was close to 80 degrees this morning when I headed out so it got pretty sweaty out there.

As you can see in the above after shot my cheeks are obviously a little rosier and my nose is on the red side, it's super obvious that I'm a tad sweaty but my makeup still looks photo ready! This is advertised as a medium coverage foundation, I have zero complaints about the coverage I think it does the trick. It is also light weight which is amazing for those sweaty workouts and outdoor activities. The last thing you need when you are working out is to feel like you are wearing a mask. I haven't experienced any breakouts due to wearing this foundation either, which is a super bonus.

Long story short I 10/10 recommend this foundation. I reach for it when I insist on wearing makeup for workouts, when I'm going to be outdoors for long periods of time sweating and for every race because heaven forbid I'm not photo ready! This was the only foundation I brought to a recent beach trip and I wasn't disappointed at all. Are you faithful to only one foundation or do you have multiple options that you keep on rotation? Stay tuned for future Foundation Focus posts.

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